AI Driven Technology Trends For 2020

As we step into the new decade, CIOs, CTOs are discussing on what AI technologies will drive 2020. Vendors and suppliers are wondering what technologies they spend on. What was once cutting edge, niche technology is now mainstream.

The question we ask is are you prepared for the 3rd wave of Technology Evolution?

While there are many different types of technologies that one must pay attention to one thing that is common to all – artificial intelligence (AI).

Best Practices for Hardware Asset Management

We have come up with this comprehensive hardware asset management guide to help IT managers and Hardware maintenance managers realize the importance of RFID labeling and Barcode technology and its impact on hardware asset management.
This downloadable guidebook intends to show the various options in Barcode and RFID technology that are available to IT Professionals.

Here is a glimpse of what all will be covered in the article:

  • When Do I Invest in Hardware Asset Management?
  • Pros and cons of HAM &asset tagging
  • Choices in HAM vendors and associated costs